Protecting Tables By Using Oilcloths

It is not a denying fact that homeowners make every attempt to ensure that their home looks chic and appealing. To attain a pleasing look, all minute details are attended in a detailed manner. While there are various ways to renovate a home, adding elegant looking tables and chairs is one of the easiest ways to uplift your home decor. Besides being decorative, these items are highly functional as well. However, tables are susceptible to stains and dirt on a daily basis. This is more so in the modern day world where people prefer cheesy items such as burgers and pizzas. Often stains left by burgers are not easily to clean. Even so, you can get rid of this issue by covering your tables with oilcloth fabric.

Best oilcloth fabric to protect your tables

There are many types of oilcloth fabrics in the market. You can buy cotton oilcloth, vinyl cloth or a PVC cloth. The cotton version is made from cotton and overplayed with a vinyl coating to serve the purpose. Since the base material is cotton, you can re-sew the cloth in case it gets damaged. Moreover, oil clothes made from cotton offer better flexibility of usage compared to other materials.

Vinyl oil cloth is made from a sheet of vinyl bonded to a slim cotton mesh. Vinyl is a derivative of plastic and easily resists stains and water. Although this oil cloth does not offer so much flexibility as cotton, it is highly durable compared to cotton oil clothes. Moreover, it is tear-resistant and does not tear out easily while putting or removing the cloth from the table for cleaning. This is why it is widely used by most of the people. You can find an array of patterns, sizes and colors of vinyl oil clothes in the market. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the one that is best for protecting your tables.

One of the latest types of oilcloths is PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Such a cloth is made by coating cotton fabric to a PVC layer. It is highly durable and last for years to come. Above all, PVC oil clothes are fairly affordable. However, they are not so widely used in homes because they are quite new in the market.

Now that you know the different types of oil clothes for covering your tables against burger grease, buying a suitable one is not an issue. Assess the features, durability as well as price range of all types of oilcloths minutely. Finally, choose the best one that is durable, affordable and provides the best protection to your tables from burger grease.

Closing words

Protecting tables from stains left by pizzas and burgers is certainly a challenge for any homeowner. However, there are a host of oilcloth fabrics such as cotton, vinyl and PVC to safeguard your tables from burger grease. If you shop prudently in accordance with your requirements and budget, you will be able to protect your tables from burger grease with the help of the best oilcloth fabric.